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Established in 1989 SHOTBLAST SERVICES is the premier provider of concrete surface preparation services ..Read More

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SHOTBLAST SERVICES uses state of the art machinery and equipment to remove old flooring in preparation for epoxy or urethane ..Read More

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Prep Process

Steel "shot blasting" is typically the recommended method of surface preparation by most coating manufacturers. Shotblasting offers high production rates, blast pattern accuracy, and wide abrasive selection making steel shot blasting an attractive choice for a variety of resulting surface profiles.
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Commercial and Industrial Flooring in Florida

SHOTBLAST SERVICES is the premier provider of large and small scale commercial/industrial (CI) concrete flooring services and concrete surface preparation in Florida and throughout the southeast. SHOTBLAST SERVICES specializes in demolition of existing concrete flooring before resurfacing, and surface preparation of existing or new concrete flooring and also installation of new floorings.

All of our work strictly follows the International Concrete Repair Institute's (ICRI) Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) standards. None of our competitors can match SHOTBLAST SERVICES's specialty niche focus and expertise in concrete floor "surface preparation" or "prep".

SHOTBLAST SERVICES always uses only top of the line, state of the art machinery, equipment and preparation techniques on every job we do, including: diamond grinding, steel shot blasting, concrete polishing, bead blasting, scarification and milling of floor surfaces. With over 20 years of experience and thousands of jobs done for hundreds of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to much smaller businesses, SHOTBLAST SERVICES is your go-to concrete and industrial flooring company in Florida and the southeast. We have established and earned our solid reputation over those 20 years and we keep on earning it, one job at a time.

SHOTBLAST SERVICES IS US ARMY CORP OF ENGINEERS QC CERTIFIED holding Certificates of Construction Quality Management for Contractors - SE9-02-00073

Commercial and Industrial Flooring Preparation in Florida

SHOTBLAST SERVICES has a very diversified customer base that includes commercial and industrial building owners, as well as concrete painters, waterproofers and concrete surface floor installers that use our team of experienced surface preparers and installers. These customers rely on SHOTBLAST SERVICES to come in and properly prepare the surface of their concrete flooring for coating. Whether it is a complete demolition and a new installation, a complete refinishing job, or a small to large repair or refinishing job, they all trust SHOTBLAST SERVICES to get the job done. Our customers choose SHOTBLAST SERVICES because they know we have the heavy equipment, specialized tools, properly trained technicians and experience to do the job right, the first time.

One of the most important stages of any Commercial or Industrial flooring job is the flooring preparation and surfacing, prior to the new coating or surface system being installed. SHOTBLAST SERVICES provides the highest-quality flooring prep services in Florida and we can flawlessly prepare any concrete floor for final surfacing and coating. Whatever your flooring preparation needs are, from repair to new installation, we will get the job done. We will handle any of your concrete repair, concrete restoration, concrete joints, concrete leveling, cementitious underlayment, cementitious topping, concrete coating and concrete sloping jobs quickly and to perfection.

Commercial and Industrial Flooring Removal in Florida

As part of the flooring preparation process, sometimes the existing floor or its coating is so damaged, or will need so much prep for a new coating or surface system to be installed that it is simply more cost efficient to remove it. SHOTBLAST SERVICES provides the highest-quality Commercial and Industrial flooring removal services in Florida, including: parking deck coating removal, waterproof coating removal, elastomeric coating removal, VCT removal, ceramic tile removal, laminate flooring removal, flooring demolition, shot blasting, shot blast, scarify, scarifying, scarifier, diamond grinding, diamond polish, VCT glue removal and glue scraping.

OSHA Certified Employees

OSHA certification is a rigorous workplace safety certification that is required for most government and large scale projects. SHOTBLAST SERVICES employees are OSHA 10hr. certified ( SHOTBLAST SERVICES Supervisors hold OSHA 30hr. rating.

SHOTBLAST SERVICES is ready to handles any project of any type, from as small as 1000 square feet to larger areas of over 300,000 square feet. Contact SHOTBLAST SERVICES today at: 407-378-2955 for more information and our experienced consultants will be glad to advise you on the most suitable system for your building and industrial application.

Surface Prep

Surface preparation is one of the most important phases of installing a top-quality flooring system and surface preparation is SHOTBLAST SERVICES's speciality and niche focus. Quite simply, no other company can match SHOTBLAST SERVICES's unique combination of experience and equipment to get this important job done right, and get it done quickly.

surface prep

What is Surface Prep?

Surface preparation ("prep") is the demolition of existing coating or flooring systems and preparation of the underlying concrete surface through mechanical abrasion for installation of a new flooring system. Whenever an industrial or commercial building is being remodeled or renovated, it's likely that the flooring will need to be at least repaired and in many cases it must be completely replaced. The existing flooring may be an epoxy or urethane resin flooring system, or use many different types of anti-slip, chemical-resistant or other coatings over the concrete slab. In order to install the new flooring system, this existing flooring must first be demolished and removed. Following this, and equally importantly, the concrete slab must be prepared for the installation of the new flooring system. Only after this can the new flooring system be installed.

SHOTBLAST SERVICES's million dollar inventory of surface preparation machinery can take care of:

  • Concrete floor coating removal (up to 1/4" concrete removal)
  • Mastic removal texturing
  • Epoxy mortar removal
  • Epoxy coating removal
  • Sealer removal
  • Line stripe removal
  • Elastomeric Membrane removal
  • Rubber build-up removal
  • Parking deck membrane removal
  • Elastomeric removal
  • Paint removal
  • Traffic line removal
  • Concrete floor cleaning
  • Steel deck cleaning
  • Ucrete removal
  • Underlayment removal

The Importance of Good Surface Prep

drain preparation

Details are very important to proper surface prep.

At first, surface prep may not seem such an important part of the remodeling and installing a new flooring system. No one will see the old concrete slab or how the old flooring or coating was removed, so how much does it really matter? Although it may just seem like an annoying chore, flooring manufacturers will tell you that the success of a new flooring system is critically dependent on how the old flooring was removed and the new surface prepared. Put simply, if the surface prep is not done correctly, the new flooring system will not be as durable as it should be and its other properties (such as chemical resistance or moisture mitigation) may also be compromised. It's a waste of both time and money to have a new flooring system fail, so it's essential that surface preparation is done right.

Unfortunately, while most flooring installers know that preparation is important, they do not have the dedicated and specialized machinery that is needed to quickly and effectively prepare the surface. This is why SHOTBLAST SERVICES works extensively with flooring installers, who contract to SHOTBLAST SERVICES and count on us to do what we do best: provide the highest standard surface preparation. However, this also means that you should beware of any flooring contractor who wants to do the surface preparation themselves. Always check with them to find out what machinery they have access to, what methods they will use, how long the surface prep will take and what redundancy in equipment they have. The machines are in a fight against concrete and they lose often. A machine outage with an ill equipped contractor with only one machine can delay a project for days until specialty parts are ordered and a specialty mechanic can fix the machine. These are all extremely important factors, both for the success of your new flooring system and to minimize your business downtime during remodeling.

Surface Prep Methods

To quickly and efficiently remove existing flooring systems and prepare surfaces for new floorings or coatings, highly specialized machines are used, including: diamond grinders, shot blasters, scarifiers and eliminator milling machines. All this equipment is specifically-designed to remove existing flooring systems quickly and safely, without damaging the underlying concrete slab. Use of these machines also largely avoids the need for powerful chemicals, which can be hazardous to human health and the environment. By using these state-of-the-art machines, SHOTBLAST SERVICES offers surface preparation for premises from 1,000 to over 300,000 square feet. For more about the different methods of surface removal, click here.

SHOTBLAST SERVICES also has machinery that can handle super heavy duty surface preparation projects, for any job where over 1/4 inch of concrete must be pulverized and removed. Although these are few and far between, clients typically find that only SHOTBLAST SERVICES has the necessary equipment to be able to properly handle these difficult jobs. SHOTBLAST SERVICES takes pride in successfully and quickly completing heavy duty surface preparation jobs that other preparation companies have to turn down.

Why SHOTBLAST SERVICES is a Leader in Surface Prep

SHOTBLAST SERVICES has over 20 years of experience in surface preparation. We are highly skilled and experienced in all methods of surface preparation and have the specialized, industrial-scale equipment that allows us to prepare surfaces extremely effectively and quickly (up to 10,000 sq ft per hour). We understand that when you are remodeling or renovating your industrial premises, time is money. Due to the fact that we are leaders in the surface preparation industry, operating all over the state of Florida and its neighboring states, we have invested in the best machinery to get the job done, including diamond grinders, scarification machines and large ride-on machines.

Whatever your surface prep needs, SHOTBLAST SERVICES will be able to do the job efficiently, quickly and safely. Give us a call today at 407-378-2955 and find out why SHOTBLAST SERVICES is the leader in the niche industry of surface preparation.


We offer superior surface prep and epoxy installation services in the following and surrounding Florida areas:

  • Orlando
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  • Tallahassee
  • Charleston, SC
  • Orange County
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  • Savannah, GA
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