Prep Methods Used Before New Polymer / Epoxy / Urethane Flooring is Applied

Flooring Preparation Methods Florida

SHOTBLAST SERVICES uses state of the art machinery and equipment to remove old flooring in preparation for epoxy or urethane flooring systems.

Steel Shot Blasting Method for Typical Applications

Steel "shot blasting" (aka "bead blasting") is typically the recommended method of mechanical abrasive surface prep by most coating Manufacturers. Shotblasting, also known as shotblast, shot blast, and bead blasting, is recommended for many reasons. Shotblasting offers high production rates, blast pattern accuracy, and wide abrasive selections make steel shot blasting an attractive choice for a variety of resulting surface profiles.

It eliminates the use of harsh non-eco friendly chemicals and leaves the concrete floor with the desired profile ready for coating. Applications such as mastic and glue removal, surface cleaning and texturing, concrete etching and profiling, and epoxy and sealer removal makes shotblasting an attractive alternative in various circumstances. SHOTBLAST SERVICES can deliver any surface profile from CSP1 to CSP9 per ICR1 standards. (See

Steel Shot Blasting Uses:

Shot Blasting
  • Concrete floor coatings removal (up to 1/4" concrete removal)
  • Concrete floor cleaning
  • Mastic Removal Texturing
  • Epoxy Removal
  • Sealer Removal
  • Profiling Concrete
  • Etching Concrete
  • Line Removal
  • Membrane removal
  • Rubber build-up removal
  • Steel deck cleaning
  • Parking deck membrane removal
  • Elastomeric removal

ICRI CSP chart

Industry guidelines for creating surface profiles

The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) has created a technical guideline #03732, "Selecting and specifying concrete surface preparation for sealers, coatings, and polymer overlays." This guideline provides concrete surface profiles of CSP 3 to 9 which are used under the following conditions.

  • For coating applications from 4-5 mils in thickness, the surface profile shall be a CSP 3. This is known as a light shotblast.
  • For coating applications from 15-50 mils in thickness, the surface profile shall be a CSP 4 or 5. This is known as a medium shotblast.
  • For coating applications from 40 mils to 1/8" in thickness, the surface profile shall be a CSP 5 or 6. This is known as a medium-heavy shotblast.
  • For topping applications from 1/4" to 1/2", the surface profile shall be a CSP 6 or 7. This is known as a heavy shotblast.
  • For concrete overlays greater than 1/2", the surface profile shall be a CSP 8 or 9. This is known as an extreme shotblast.

International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) Scale

(Acid Etched)


(Light Shot Blast)

(Medium Shot Blast)

(Medium/Heavy Shot Blast)

(Heavy Shot Blast)

(Heavy Shot Blast)

(Extreme Shotblast)

(Extreme Shotblast)

Scarification for Heavy Duty Applications

During scarification, SHOTBLAST SERVICES uses steel and Tungsten carbide cutters to break or chip away a variety of coating materials. Scarification procedures used on horizontal surfaces can be a highly efficient method of removing urethanes, epoxies, polyurea, thermoplastic, etc. SHOTBLAST SERVICES provides surface preparation of existing and new concrete floors through a mechanical dust-contained scarification system.

Using hardened tungsten carbide cutters, the scarifying process removes the toughest finishes including layers of concrete impregnated with contaminates, epoxy overlays, curing compounds, sealers, laitance, coatings, elastomeric membranes, traffic markings, and other surface coatings. The result is a prepared high profile surface.


Due to the roughened high profile surface finish created by the pulverizing nature of scarification, a thick successive overlay or coating system, typically 40-200 mils, is usually necessary to recreate a smooth surface finish.

Scarification Uses:

  • Epoxy removal
  • Mastics removal
  • Concrete milling and removal
  • Paint removal
  • Epoxy Line removal
  • Traffic Lines removal

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